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3.14.2022 Labors of Love Podcast: Aja Vu, Doula & founder of HERicane Beauty Co.

Labors of Love Podcast hosted by Hafeeza Ture: I have the privilege of speaking with Aja Vu, holistic wellness practitioner, doula, energy worker, alchemist, light being and founder of HERicane Beauty Co.

HERicane Beauty Co. was born from Aja Vu's calling to share with women how she was able to overcome depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and health issues through self-love, holistic living, and confidence building.

Her Vision for HBC is to see an empowered, healthy, and uplifted community of women thriving in their lives, careers, and business ventures because they were able to find healing from deep within the eye of the storm.

The mission of Hericane beauty co. is to help those who are ready to become who they truly are through discovering the truth in their INNER beauty and personal power.

Aja Vu teaches women how to step into their personal power through conscious acts of self-love and self-care, holistic health and wellness, and tuning into their Sacred Spiritually.

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