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2.16.22 Labors of Love Podcast Fatherhood Series: Seth Poole

Seth Poole is a husband, father, lifelong youth development professional, activist, and community organizer. He is a native of New Haven who has dedicated his professional life to improving the conditions of the young people of our great city. Seth holds a B.A. in International Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. He has served in various roles in youth development at notable organizations such as LEAP, the Dixwell Community House, New Haven Public Schools, Achievement First, the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven and Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. He currently serves as the Director of System of Care with Clifford Beers where he is working on reforms for medicaid recipients living in New Haven.

In service to the greater New Haven community, Seth has served as the chair of the Whalley Edgewood Beaver Hill Management Team and was the Ward 24 Democratic committee Co-Chair for many years and was a mayoral candidate in 2019. Seth also served on the board of directors for Citywide Youth Coalition for nearly a decade and spent the majority of that time as the Board President. Seth currently serves as the Chair of Livable Cities Initiative Board of Commissioners. He has also been an active member of the Mayor’s Task Force on AIDS for nearly 8 years.

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